It’s been a very happy Halloween for our little family after an epic, breath holding, arched back tantrum and refusal of costume this morning. There was excitement in the air at school today with spidermen, witches, princesses and sugar highs liberally scattered around each classroom. All that was missing was a crisp breeze and fall leaves on this very steamy Florida day.  A picture of falling snow from my brother made the pang for a Midwestern Halloween a little sharper, but I decided to be grateful for the coat-less romp along the street. We had chili (a tradition – no matter the weather), threw on costumes (Buzz & Woody), and made our way down our block to gather candy and hold out bags, prompting Charlie to say “trick or treat”. The boys were in bed at very nearly the same time as always, and then we trekked outside to the driveway with our Adirondacks, basket of candy and jack-o-lanterns to sip on spiked cider and hand out candy to the rest of the world.

It’s hard to believe that October has come and gone, and we’re on to November – the month of pie, gratitude, and cranberry everything. A whole year to wait for October to come again.


It’s been nearly 8 months since my second child (a boy) was born and life has been so gosh darn good to us lately. The holidays are en route, were feeling fairly settled in our new home (almost two months later and we only have a handful of boxes left), Charlie just turned two, Ben is crawling, sleeping (through! the! night!), he’s eating, laughing & rarely crying. And, oh yeah, the school year is in full, chaotic, messy swing.

I’ve been pondering the idea of routine lately and what part it plays in my life. What things and events do I choose to include in my every day? And what things are just purposeless filler for the empty spaces that pop up. I want this spot to be an intentional part of my routine. This check in of saying hi. Sharing what’s new with my family – how we’ve been seeking joy lately, what we’ve been cooking, making, baking, celebrating, doing. How we’ve been making our home and, perhaps most importantly, memory keeping for years down the line when I know I’ll be happy to have everything here in a neat little package. All those things currently live in a vault on my phone called “photos”. It can all be laid out here in a scroll-able, readable, date-stamped format which I love. I want to use this space as a digital journal, scrapbook, cookbook, and mindful reflection and guide for each season of life. I think it could become so good for me, you guys.

I feel like I’ve started and not finished this post innumerable times over the last few months, so I’m finally here now. I’m making time for this little piece of my routine. Today and many suns to come, I’m here saying Hi. Hello. How are you?